For sure, we are the more ancient manufacturer of in the world. This enterprise started its activities in La Solana Ciudad Real, at about 1908, by its creator Eladio Reguillo Perez, who with his brothers, established this affair and this label most prestigious in the market. The second generation was continued by Mariano, Jusus, Santos and Gregoria Reguillo Morales.

ln Spain of 1900, when there was not any developed agricultural machine, and the farmer was obliged to take the sickle. This helped our family company to be a successful enterprise making a lot of sales at that time.

Since 100 years, we are proud to say that we know our job until the point that we can manufacture our own machines with our own technology and innovation, the thing which no other manufacturer can do. We were able to manufacture:

  • Sew with teeth
  • Curving at cold
  • Sharpener
  • Lame with half paper for induction, preventing the break of our tools